Quality Management ISO9001:2015

ISO9001:2015: The ISO9001 standard is the basis for quality management at Candropharm. Candropharm has been certified by KIWA since 2019 to further assure and improve quality.

The policy statement will be provided on request.


ISO22000:2018 Is the international standard for food safety and is largely based on HACCP. Candropharm has identified all critical control points (CCPs) and risks associated with food safety, ensured the necessary preventive measures within the organisation and included this form in Candropharm’s programm for framework conditions.


ISO 13485:2016 ISO 13485 is the international standard for medical devices and has many interfaces with ISO 22000 and HACCP. Compared to ISO 9001, the standard pays particular attention to specific requirements for medical devices, such as sterility, care, traceability, risk analysis and a warning / recall system. The focus is on customer-oriented production and distribution of medical devices and the well-being of the patient.


GMP: Candropharm will introduce GMP once it has achieved and secured ISO standards. GMP goes beyond ISO and is not an international standard but European legislation for “Good Manufacturing Process”. Candropharm already works according to GMP guidelines and will have its processes certified in mid-2020.


Meaningful measurements and results dominate the laboratory research of Brightlabs. Collaboration with the University of Maastricht, the College of Agriculture, governments and industry gives a strong impetus to both ambition and quality. Brightlabs and Candropharm work closely together to increase knowledge about cannabinoids and thereby improve testing possibilities, which enables Candropharm to improve the quality of its products. Brightlabs tests the import and export of medical cannabis for the Bureau Medicinale Cannabis. The Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis is the Dutch government agency that deals with medical cannabis.